soy hector tengo 23 estudio diseño grafico soy bueno creo soy slythrin =3 me gusta aser amigos ..



 my acrylic charms arrived a while ago! I’m very pleased with the quality.

so here they are! limited stock 1.5” pokemon charms, professionally printed on black acrylic. the first photo is the closest match to the actual color.

these will soon be sold on my storenvy for $8 USD each and i’ll be doing a giveaway once the packaging arrives, so keep an eye out for the official opening! ;)

Day 4: Favorite Fight/Battle Scene
 ↳ We hunt those who hunt us. / We protect those who can’t protect themselves.

(Fuente: alliargens)


Plenty of anatomy and color references by the artist Incase

link to the Blogspot (!!!WARNING!!! the blog contains adult material and it is not safe for work):